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What’s In A Name?

So why “Alternate Ending”? The name was the brainchild of Matt Hill. It pretty much sums up all of us. We travel through life thinking we have a set journey, but things take an unexpected, alternate route and life changes in an instant. It’s something everyone in the band has experienced. Many of our fans have experienced this as well… So we ask you, What’s your Alternate Ending?

Vocals- Dustin Ritchie

Lead Guitar- Matt Hill

Drums- Jayson Ritchie

Bass Guitar/ Backup Vocals- Phil Gosche

The Beginning…

In October 2011, starting a band was just an idea in the back of cousins Matt Hill and Dustin Ritchie’s minds. After a random guitar lesson and chatting about the possibility of starting something, Hill and Ritchie began toying around with a few songs. It was from that moment on that they knew something special was born!

Another week had passed, and after a few really fantastic ham sandwiches, they decided to make Jayson Ritchie the drummer. They had a good foundation, but all they really needed was a bass player. And, by pure fate, they hooked Andy Althaus and the circle was complete. After two years of playing in the band, Andy had to leave for personal reasons, and Jake Moore was added. He is a powerhouse of a bass player, as well as a very talented vocalist.